Business owners face numerous challenges every day in the course of running their companies. Owners of small and medium-sized businesses often derive great satisfaction from handling these challenges, but the process can also cause headaches. When asked to name their biggest professional demand, one thing tends to top the list most often. That challenge is accessing working capital to manage cash flow: in other words, the process of making sure there is enough capital flowing in to cover every outgoing expense.

A variety of reasons exist for why cash flow can be a steep challenge for small business owners. Needs often precede revenue. Perhaps you’re getting paid by customers or clients more slowly than you’d like. And if you run a seasonal business, such as a garden center or a company specializing in cold-weather clothing, you will likely have peak sales months and need that revenue to stretch to cover the off-season months.

Often, business owners can optimize cash flow by negotiating longer payment cycles with creditors and encouraging debtors to pay in shorter time periods. But there are other solutions that can help you sail through the lean months with plenty of working capital on hand: Short-term business loans and merchant cash advances are two possibilities.

You can put a small business loan to work immediately for a business. For example, an entrepreneur might use working capital financing to meet payroll for a few months, to negotiate an attractive cash deal on inventory, or to hire and train new employees. Our business financing solutions, including working capital loans for small business, can help you operate without missing a beat. These small business working capital loans can even make it possible to take advantage of an unexpected or one-time business opportunity.

And then there are those costs that no business owner sees coming, like unexpected equipment failure or the need to upgrade technology to improve efficiency and save money in the long run. Repairs, interior remodeling, landscaping, and marketing and advertising can all be critical elements to your brand and your ability to grow the business.

Today’s super-competitive environment makes this no time to skimp, especially when applying for funding with working capital lenders. But working capital could be just a few clicks away.
At Colopy Corp, we understand that small businesses need working capital to keep their options open and to pursue business opportunities as they arise. That’s why we provide working capital to businesses across a variety of sectors across the United States.

We also understand that when business owners need financing, they need it now, not weeks or months from now, so we’ve made our application process as simple as possible, with a minimum amount of paperwork and documentation required. You won’t need to spend weeks gathering tax forms and statements. Instead, we speak with business owners to learn about their unique companies and visions for the future.

Once approved, you’ll have the funds in your account in as little as two business days. This fast turnaround sets us apart in the world of working capital financing. And we don’t use the term “working capital” lightly. Business owners are free to use the funds in the best way possible for their companies, putting the money to work for any business expenses. Don’t delay: Contact us today to see if you qualify for fast, flexible working capital funding from Colopy.

October 10th, 2017|