Debt Consolidation


What is Debt Consolidation?

Business debt consolidation is a business financial process of combining one or more loans, lines of credit or merchant cash advances into one loan with a lower interest rate which will result in a lower payment and possibly net some additional capital. Simply put, the business uses funds obtained from a new loan to pay off existing debts. This way, the business remains with only one loan to pay.

The Benefits of Debt Consolidation

  • Better personal finances – Helping boost your personal and business finances, debt consolidation will lead to increased incomes, new ways of acquiring income and reduced outstanding debt
  • Better business credit profile – Improving business credit, it implies that you have become a responsible and trustworthy borrower
  • Relief – You will not have more debt than your business can handle and a consolidation will have you paying off 1 debt instead of multiple which will ensure a more managed and increased cash flow

Consolidate Your Short Term/High Interest Rate Loans With Colopy Corp

Has an unpredicted transformation in cash flow affected your business lately? Is it putting your business at the risk of bankruptcy, or affected your debt repayment scheme? Then your business can benefit from a debt consolidation.

Colopy Corp’s debt consolidation purpose is  to put together existent loans and lines of credit in one account to attract the least possible interest rate. In other words, our company specializes in providing the best product where you can combine current loans or merchant cash advances and place you in a loan product that will work better for your current budget and needs. Now, you can take advantage of all the short-term, mid-term or long-term loans and build a stable backbone for your business.

It puts you at higher chances of getting larger loans with better terms the next time you borrow. Once the ground is all set, you will qualify for better interest rates and convenient rates and terms of loan payment. Business loan debt consolidation can help boost this important business element, this way you will make better informed decisions.

If you are looking to consolidate your short term/high interest rate loans, you can do that now with our experts at Colopy Corp. Aside from helping you cover your poor cash flow, we will help you find the perfect debt consolidation loan product for your business finance needs. Colopy Corp will help you achieve more milestones in your business by offering the best loan product available to you. Try us today and see your business grow to greater heights.

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