Mid Term Loan


What is a Mid Term Loan?

Business mid-term loans are among the most common modes of business financing. Mid Term loans are a standard financing facility with standard monthly payments with a maturity and amortization schedule, ranging from 3-5 years, ensuring growth of your business. Terms loans are especially suitable for small and medium sized businesses as they offer them the cash they need to operate.

The Benefits of Mid Term Loans

  • Set monthly fees – Making it easy for you to prepare and budget for fixed costs
  • Easy streamlined process – Quick and easy application process with a fast turn around
  • Fixed interest rates – This will help you know exactly what the loan will cost
  • Flexibility – You will experience high flexibility in the duration of your loan
  • Many users covered – This loan can be used for a variety of business purposes

Colopy Corp’s mid term loans are designed to help you tackle the inevitable challenges you face as your business evolves. Business expansion, purchase equipment, advertising and marketing, and the general ebb and flow of the fiscal year all present potential threats to your bottom line. Having the ability to pay upfront for goods and services can help mitigate risks as your business undergoes growing pains.

Mid term loans have flexible term lengths, between 3-5 years. Loan amounts range from $50,000 and $25,000,000, and rates starting from%.

If your business has been in operation for at least 2 years and you have a credit score upwards of 660, you may qualify for a mid term loan. Keep in mind that these are not rigid qualifications. Colopy Corp is committed to serving businesses of all sizes and financial situations. Approvals are determined by credit worthiness with a monthly repayment structure.

You will experience high flexibility in the duration of the loan, interest and amount as they are discussed before getting your loan. The higher your credit scores, the more flexible and better the terms of your loan will be and will have you covered effortlessly. Is your business in dire need of cash? A Mid term loan will be approved within the shortest possible time. In most cases, it takes 2 to 14 days

Every business owner wants an easy access to funds when they need it most. Mid Term loans offer such a great experience. The application process is not only simple, but also is streamlined. Within two days, your Colopy Corp funding specialist will have known whether your business qualifies for a loan. Funding occurs within a short time after approval.

Want to know more about Mid-Term loans? Contact us to schedule a call with one of our experts at Colopy Corp!