Have you overcome the hurdle of achieving initial capital for your small business? If yes, Colopy Corp is definitely the term you should be looking at. But let’s show you the full story at first…

Even if you have done that, there is another hurdle coming your way – the lack of working capital to cover the expenses of your daily operations. In other words, this would be all the capital that your customers owe you plus your current assets and cash – minus what you owe your suppliers and employees.

There are so many costs involved in the daily operation of small businesses nowadays. From payroll to marketing costs, it is only a matter of time until a business considers the short term small business loans as the ideal option. In fact, this is why more and more small businesses contact us at Colopy Corp and are interested in short-term small business loans.

However, what you need to know is that short term small business loans are not your enemy – they can actually help you take advantage of the current situation. Below, we are explaining how.

1. Short term business loans are great for emergency expenses

A lot of our clients at Colopy Corp fail to understand the first and foremost value of short term loans – emergency expenses.

If you are unprepared for any emergency expenses, short term financing reduces the pressure on your company and lets you avoid making late payments to creditors. This is also good because it saves your business’ credit rating.

2. You maintain the ownership of your business

Another great way in which short term business loans can help you is by letting you maintain ownership of your company. Instead of borrowing from a bank or independent leader in exchange for a large portion of your company’s ownership, these loans allow you to gain the capital you need without sacrificing your power. At Colopy Corp, we are more than proud to offer these solutions and let you be the owner of your business.

3. Shorter terms and quick approval

As the name of the loans itself suggests, short term business loans are the best fit for businesses who instantly need cash, assisting them with their immediate problems. On top of that, they cut through the lengthy procedures and eliminate the hassle of traditional bank loans.

So, how to apply for a short term small business loan at Colopy Corp?

All you need to do is check your qualifications and apply in minutes by submitting a couple of basic documents. You will receive your offer in minutes, with rates that you can afford and no hidden fees. Only with Colopy Corp.

And the best part?

With fixed, monthly payments and no prepayment penalties (ever!), all you need to do is decide the amount of your short-term business loan and fill out the application form on our website!


October 15th, 2017|